Gutter Cleaning Tips

Tips to clean your gutters

It’s important to clean gutters twice a year to ensure water properly drains away from a home and to prevent rotting or rusting of fascia boards and other parts of the home structure. Some tips to do it easily and safely:

  • Occasionally sweep off your roof to prevent build up of leaves and other material that will eventually slide into your gutter. Or easier still, use a leaf blower.
  • If you’re sweeping, use a dustpan so you’re not sweeping material into the gutter.
  • Always work from a ladder, never by standing on the roof.
  • Use a small garden shovel or a gutter-scooping tool to dig out rotting material.
  • Always scoop away from your downspouts.
  • Use a bucket to collect muck or throw it on the ground for later cleanup.
  • Once finished rinse out the gutter with a garden hose.
  • If downspouts are clogged flush them out with water. If that fails use a plumbers’ snake or remove the spouting and clean it out.
  • While your up there check to see if there is any damaged parts of the roof that may require further inspection by a qualified roof plumber or contractor
  • Repair gutter leaks with gutter sealant or gutter tape -After you’re finished run water from a garden hose into your guttering to make sure it is draining properly.
  • If your gutters are too blocked or you are unable to get up there to clean them your local roof plumber can help you out.